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Welcome to RJ Sylfirm X Technology

We are supporting our customers with various educational & marketing materials to make a better experience.
*Our contents have limited access. Please contact us to learn more.


*Available for Sylfirm X Customers. If you are Sylfirm X Customer, Click Here

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Sylfirm X 1st Virtual On-Demand Training [Onboarding Session]

Our 1st Virtual Training is to give our clinics a basic knowledge of the SylfirmX and Exosomes technologies. This is to get you started working with, and becoming comfortable with, your device before the Private on-site training.

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Sylfirm X Standard Private On-Site Training [Analyze & Launch Session]

This course is designed to give you a more in-depth and broader understanding of the science behind Exosomes and SylfirmX technology. The majority of the training is hands-on, so that you may learn how to vector and use CW and PW in a way that offers patients the best clinical outcomes.

2nd Virtual Training.png


Sylfirm X Advanced Group Training [Accelerate Session]

The Advanced Training is designed to help our clinics ask questions that have come about since using the SylfirmX more frequently with patients. In addition, this is a time during which medical providers can learn additional skills, and perfect the skills they have learned and are practicing.



Sylfirm X 2nd Virtual ZOOM Training [Optimize Session]

This “training” is a check-in scheduled approximately three months after your date of device delivery. We schedule a call during which we discuss how your packages, pricing, and treatments have been beneficial for, or could be performing better for, your clinic.


Sylfirm X E-Learning

*Available for all RJ Clinic Members.

This comprehensive program is designed to elevate your understanding of Sylfirm X, a cutting-edge technique in the world of aesthetics. Through a series of engaging modules, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to become a proficient practitioner in the field.


Education Support

*Become our Customers to have an Access.

Education Support

Marketing Support

*Become our Customers to have an Access.

Marketing Support
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